Schedule of Rent Payments

After working with students for many years and trying to find a system that works best for the greatest number of people, we've developed a rent payment schedule that seeks to best accomodate our tenants. This schedule has five equal payments spread among 3 semesters, but with a lower payment for summer semester (since there is only 1 payment due in the summer, when some students are not on campus and/or don't have access to scholarships and other assistance). The rent payment schedule breaks down as follows:

5 Equal Rent Payments, Do On Or Before:

Summer Semester:

May 1

Fall Semester

August 1

October 1

Spring Semester:

January 1

March 1

When looking at the Availability page of our website, the "monthly equivalent" rent is obtained by dividing the full rent due for the year (all 5 installments, e.g., as collected on the schedule shown above) by 12 months. This is listed to help prospective tenants be able to compare our rent prices with those of other rental house businesses in Athens. Please note that we do not currently offer a monthly payment option in our leases.

Rents may be paid via check, or paid online with credit card, debit card, or electronic funds transfer at


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